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JLLighting supply all Event Technical Services.
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Staging
  • Video 
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Lighting Equipment

Generic Lamps    
1Kw Flood Lamp
500w Flood Lamp
2 Cell Active Blinder Par 36
Arri Studio Fresnel 2kw Pole Op
Arri Studio Fresnel 1kw Pole Op
Arri Fresnel 650w
Florie Bank 4ft Working Light
Kino Flo 4 Lamp 
Kino Flo 2 Lamp
Par 16 Silver can (IEC tail)
Par 38 Ground Spike 80w
Par 56 Chrome Floor Can 300w
Par 56 Chrome Floor Can 500w
Par 56 Chrome Long Can 500w
Par 64 Chrome Floor Can 1000w
Par 64 Chrome Long Can 1000w
PinSpot Bank (White) (Powercon in and thru)
Edison 300w Large Screw cap Lamps
ETC Source Four 10 Degree 750w
ETC Source Four 19 Degree 750w
ETC Source Four 26 Degree 750w
ETC Source Four 36 Degree 750w
ETC Source Four ZOOM 25/50 750w
ETC Source Four Junior ZOOM 25/50 575w
Festoon 20m 
Festoon 10m
Red Head 800Watt Video Lamp 
Showtec SunStrip active Mark 2
Robert Juliat Ivanhoe Followspot
Selecon Chorus Followspot  
UV BlackLight 400w Cannon
LED Lamps 
35w LED Cool White Flood
50w Exhibition LED Cool White Flood
Pulsar Chroma Flood 200
Chrome LED Uplighter
LED Par 56 Chrome Short Base
American DJ QA5 Battery Uplighter with Wireless DMX
Prolights Smart Batt LED Uplighter
Prolights Smart Batt IP LED Uplighter 
Chauvet ColorBand Pix 1m Batten
Chauvet ColorBand Pix .5m Batten
LED Par 36 (RGB)
LED Tri Colour Par (Uplighter RGBW)
LED Flat Par (10mm LED)
LED IP RGBW Flood (Similar to SGM P5)
Chauet 75w LED Followspot (DMX)
LED Astra Panel 1x1 Bi Colour
LED RGB Digital Video Tape
LED Tape Controller
LED Video Tape Controller
LED GU10 RGB Downlighter
LED GU10 RGB Downlighter Controller (DMX)
Moving Intelligent Lamps 
JLL Beam Spot Wash 15R
JLL LED Wash 15x10w RGBW
Martin Mac 500
Martin Mac 2000
Martin Mac Aura
Clay Paky Sharpy
Robe Pointe
Robe LED 100
Vari-Lite 2000Wash
Vari-Lite 2000Spot
Vari-Lite VL1000 TS
NoveLights Novaflower
Martin Atomic Strobe
Laserworld Green Laser E Series 
Various Disco Fixtures
Lighting Control Desks
Compulite Vector Ultra Violet
Compulite Eport
Avolites Tiger Touch
GrandMA Dot 2
GrandMA 2 Command System
Basic 12 Chan A/B Desk
Chamsys Dongle PC System
DMX Splitter
Luminex Node
Various Netgear Switches
WiFLY Battery Reciever Unit
WiFLY Transmitter

Sound Equipment

Sound Desks
12 Chan Behringer Sound Desk
5 Chan Behringer Sound Desk
8 Chan Behringer Sound Desk
Behringer X32 Sound Desk
Speaker Systems
Behringer 200w 12" Active Speaker 
Behringer 550w15" Active Speaker
LD MAUI 11 Sub + Top Active line array (White)
AVK Club System  
x2 700w Speaker: Twin 15" Woofer + 1.4" HF Compression Driver
x2 Twin 1800w Sub Speakers
Amp Rack: X1 2200w Tops, Amp X1 3000w Subs Amp, X1 DSP X1 Patch Panel

D.I Boxes
External PreSonus Audio Box (USB)
Feedback Destroyer
Microphone Stand 
Speaker stands 
PC Balance Boxes
Professional CD Player 
Microphone Systems
Wireless Handheld Kit 
Wireless Lapel Kit 
Wireless Presentation Kit (Inc Handheld and Lapel)
Wired Lectern Mic 
SM58 Vocal Mic
Site Equipment
Long Distance Radio with 16 Chans and UK Charger Base Station

Desktop 2400 Lumin Projector
Desktop 3500 Lumin WXGA (0.34-1) Ultra Short Throw Projector
Christie LX605 (0.8-1, 1.2-1.8 Lens Avail)
Christie LX700 (0.8-1, 1.2-1.8 Lens Avail)   
Panasonic PTD5700 Projector 
Panasonic 21K HD Projector 
Media Servers
Hippotizer v3 Grasshopper Media Server (Inc HDSDI Input)
Hippotizer v4 Amba Media Server (Inc HDSDI Input)
Catalyst Systems available 
15" TFT
17" TFT
21.5" LED Screen
24" LED Screen
32" Screen
42" Screen
50" Screen
65" Screen
70"-103" Screen available on request. 
High Spec HP Laptops
Acer Laptops
Dell Desktop PC (Comes with screen)
Apple Mac Imac 21"
Apple Mac Mini
Apple Mac Macbook Pro

Brother Inkjet A3 Multi-Function 
Dell Laser Colour Multi-Function 
Epson Inket Colour
Presentation Aids
Micro Cue System
Presenter Clicker
IPad Comfort monitor and slide advance system
Countdown Timer
Screen Surfaces
10' x 7'6" Fastfold Screen with Rear and Front Screen inc Legs
12' x 9'6" Fastfold Screen with Rear and Front Screen inc Legs
Tripod Foldup Projector Screen
Custom Screen Sizes available    

Rigging Equipment

Global Truss F34 1m,2m,3m,4m
Global Truss F34 4way Block
Global Truss Heavy Base Plate 
Global Truss Base plate
Chain Blocks and Motors
CM 500KG 10m Chain 3Phase Motor
CM 500KG 10m Chain Manual Block
Ali Tube/Pole
48mm Scaff Tube Ali 1m,1.5m,2m,2.5m,3m,3.5m,4m,4.5m,5m
Rigging Accesories
1Ton Bow Shackles
2Ton Bow Shackles
3.5Ton Bow Shackles
1m 1Ton Strop Sling 
2m 2Ton Strop Sling
4m 4Ton Strop Sling
5m Rachet Strap
10m Rachet Strap
Kader Clamp
Truss Steel Safety 2m
Truss Steel Safety 4m
Big Ben 
C Hook Clamp
Half Coupler Clamp 
TV Spigot
TV Hook Clamp
12 Rung Zarges
14 Rung Zarges
7 Tread Steps

Manfrotto Wind Up Stand 
Manfrotto Auto Pole 
Manfrotto Dual Push Up Stand
Half Coupler to Eye Hook
Red Head Lightweight Stand
Doughty Single Push Up Stand
Tube Clamps
Scaff Coupler 90 Degree
Scaff Coupler T
Tank Trap for Ali Pole

Projectors, Screens and Computer Equipment